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We are happy to announce to you the Kick off of a new independent media outlet. In this world of a biased Main Stream Media (MSM), where only a few dictate what they believe is important for the main stream to absorb, the biggest danger is that people no longer realize that they are trapped in a lie! A lie which is deliberately maintained to enslave them. The owners of the MSM realize very well that if they want to reach their nefarious objectives, they have to keep the masses in deception. By perpetuating the spreading of biased information, a delicate balance in truth and non-truth, with a lot of entertainment distraction, people will form a perception of a world forced upon them by the Men who control that stream of dis info. You can only escape such matrix if you have a significant appetite for investigative journalism. In other words, if you have a certain doses of pragmatism. If there is no platform who reached out to such hungry for truth pragmatic thinkers, then you are lost and you will stay forever in the control grit with an ever growing form of enslavement. Enslavement in all possible ways. If by any chance you have found channels which feed you with alternative views on matters, and you are open for it, you have established a way to escape the enslavement trap! This new platform enables you to critically evaluate other perspectives and it enables you to establish dots. If the resources create dots of truth in a persons mind, then you have created a bases for further exploration. Again and Again you will find new truth dots which shape your imagination of your world. The world of truth. Members of our team have gone through such experiences. The people in HOFS are free thinkers and independent investigative journalists who are not censured by the MSM cabal. Once you are awake you have obtained a very important milestone in your life. A milestone which sets yourself free and which facilitates a way to inform other people. Knowing the truth now and passing it to our next generation is a noble cause and worth while to support. The MSM certainly deceives us in such a way that their owners are very much protected in what they are up to! The large controlled Media corporations are hiding information from you. We want to help you in waking up.

If you do the analysis then it turns out that most of the MSM is controlled by Zionist corporations. There is a reason for that, which will become more and more clear if one reads HOFS articles.

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Truth Activist who wants to inform people about what is really going on in this world.


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