Maduro Talks Directly To The American People

History is full of wars which began with false flags! A false flag to deceive the masses to invent a reason to go to war. A war which are bankers wars. Now we see that the western mockingbird media wants to start a war in Venezuela!

It is time the whole world knows that

We have been deceived so many times by the Zionist controlled USA. In the deception carried out by a false flag event, to lie to the people to create a narrative to legitimise war. For example the 9/11 event which created the “war on Terror” narrative. Well it turned out that this attack was not carried out by a man in a cave, but by the shadow government of the USA and Israel. It was a lie to perpetuate the very lucrative war machine and to help the Zionist with their greater Israel plan on the cost of the USA Taxpayer.

Now they want to play the same trick with Venezuela. U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton Bolton, who is one of the worst warmonger and Zionist (Rothschild) puppet has to come up with a story which would convince the USA taxpayers to go to war with Venezuela! This game is becoming more clear to the audience. If the government in the USA would be trustworthy, they would first sort out their own mess in the USA. To help the USA citizen first. A war with Venezuela does not make any sense, unless greed comes in to play where the Cabal leaders (USA exploited by Zionist Israel) want to steel the incredible wealth in Venezuela. They want to replace Maduro with a puppet which dances in the rithm of the Zionist controlled USA. To copy paste the steeling of the oil in Oil rich Syria, the Golan height, where Genie oil (owned by Rothschild and where Dick Cheney and Robber Murdoch have a good stake) has used the “war on terror” lie to enrich themselves.

Most of the MSM brainwashed people do not know that there was already a failed USA plot to take Chavez from his throne.
What is happening now is not new. USA (government) has a long track record of manipulating the government of other countries and taken out people who opposes the Globalists. CIA has intervened many times in the past and want to appoint puppets in the governments of counties with wealth.

What kind of story is Bolton inventing for the Masses to get approval for an invasion in Venezuela? What kind of False Flag Operation can we expect in the MSM ? Perhaps they find weapons of mass Destruction? We all know that they all work for the Rothschilds to copy paste Geney Oil claim in the GOland, after the massive 9/11 deception! We the people will not be fooled again. The Cabal is after stealing the valuable assets in Venezuela!

Let this sink in for a while! Do you really think that the Zionist controlled USA gives a damn about democracy? The USA is not a democracy! It has become a totalitarian dictatorship! So they should keep their hands off any other country! If history is your guide then you can forecast the future!
The USA and Israel (Rotschild owned Zionists) are responsible for the 9/11 false flag operation. Genie oil who is owned by the same people are drilling for oil in the country where the alleged terrorists are! If you understand that ISIS and
Al-Qaeda are CIA and Mossad inventions, you do not need to be clever to see that there is a clear criminal patter. Now the danger is that a similar plot will take place in Venezuela.

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