The New Zealand Alleged Terror Attack! Is this another State sponsored false Flag Operation?

So there we are! Another Terror attack, happening in New Zealand.

Mainstream media announces ” (CNN) At least 49 people were killed and more than 20 seriously injured in a terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday15 March”

Now, why is it that my first reaction is: Highly likely a so called state sponsored Terror Theatre? The simple reason is that most of the alleged terror attacts where False Flag operations.

Of course one has to be cautious in not jumping to fast in conclusions, but already there are some suspicious things revealing.

The following video is an interview of Ole Dammegard by New Zealand Vinny Eastwood on

Following is additional information supporting the FF incident.

For example, why was John Podesta (an alleged sexual pedophile predator) in New Zealand days before the alleged Mass shooting?

John Podesta In New Zealand before Massive False Flag operation.

The following is a non mainstream article which strengthens the suspicion of a False Flag operation.

Currently we are investigating the incident and will update this blog in due time.

On this image you see a person texting, while there is a gunman near by! If you are under the thread of being killed, you probably would not do this!

BREAKING! CENSORED VIDEO: Mosque Shooting In NZ Analysis With False Flag Expert Ole Dammegard

How many out of Kurt Ritchard Haskell’s 41 signs of a a false flag did this incident display? 18 so far! (below)Audio Only Version is all I can offer right now folks (READ BELOW FOR LINK TO VIDEO VERSION!)

(source for all 41: )
*Please note that not all of these items will be found in relation to every false flag event. Very few, if any, of these items should be found at a real event. Thus, when you start seeing several of these items appear in one event, it is most likely a false flag.6. Key video is hidden. Still pictures, which are often grainy or unclear are released to support the official story.

8. The perpetrators are identified in record time.

13. New laws or military action take place as a result of the event.

14. The event receives an abnormal amount of press coverage.

15. The country where the event took place has recently irritated Israel in some way.

16. The event and perpetrators are set up to cause conflict between several different religious, ethnic or sexual orientation groups.

18. The friends and family of the victims do interviews that are not believable.

20. One or more bombs do not detonate.

22. An unbelievable hero story is released by the press on day two.

23. A manifesto is released by the perpetrator.

24. A drill is taking place at or near the event at the same time.

27. Little to no amateur cell phone video footage of the event is released.

29. An online video is found of the perpetrator acting crazy.

30. The details of the event make it impossible to not be reminded of other recent false flag events.

32. The perpetrators wore body armor.

33. Former military members played key roles in the event in some way.

35. Authorities are on the scene in record time and numbers that would not normally be possible In a short time period without prior knowledge.

37. Authorities immediately “find” evidence that ties the perpetrators to radical beliefs.

Kurt Richard HaskellBecome a Patron!Special thanks to Ryan for the brilliant idea of creating an audio version!SPECIAL VIDEO VERSION!
This is a bitchute version that was uploaded many hours ago but it still appears to be processing so can’t be viewed yet! But once it is the link should work!

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As predicted the alleged mass shooting was done per design! NZ is now reciting to the shooting , all an act to get their gun laws changed,

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