Buying a Politician!

Our society is not what we perceive it to be! Most of the people think we have a choice when we are casting our votes! Well in fact we do not have much choice! It is choice between evil and evil. We vote for politicians. But how do these politicians come to power? Well somebody has to pay for the promotion. A poor beggar obviously has no money and can not sponsor a politician. The ugly truth is that people with huge amount of money can buy a politician. Once the politician is in power, he or she has to follow the agenda of the sponsor. It would be good if the politicians would wear an emblem to show who their sponsor is. Then it makes perfectly sense that the agenda of the bought politician is the agenda of the buyer!

In other words, the system has to change in any country to detach the election process away from extremely rich people who do not care at all about the people. They care about themselves!

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