Notre Dame Blaze! Another State Sponsored False Flag attack?

Too much of a coincidence! That the Notre Dame went up in flames.!



Mistrust In Government Has The People Questioning The Official Narrative In Paris.

APR 19

The official explanation, so far, is that there is no evidence of arson in the fire that nearly destroyed Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday, but not everyone is buying it.

Mistrust in government, now at all-time highs, has many people questioning the official narrative. And recent events with curious timing have led many to come up with their own theories about what may have happened.

One of those conspiracy theories combines several others into one grand conspiracy that would lead the West into a war with Iran. Here’s the short version:

Julian Assange was arrested in order to prevent WikiLeaks from ever publishing the fact that the U.S. and Israel are behind the burning of Notre-Dame in order to pin it all on Iran as a final justification for war.

Mind blown? Sounds absurd, right? Well, here are the “dots” the theory’s author connects to defend it.

Church Attacks in France

While it is not true that police in France arrested a Muslim woman with gasoline in her car who admitted she wanted to burn down Notre-Dame Cathedral just days before the attack, it is true that nearly 2,000 Christian houses of worship have been desecrated in the past two years. As World Net Daily has reported, when the Muslim or “migrant” identity of the desecrators are leaked by the media, they are quickly dismissed as suffering from mental disorders.

The conspiracy theory’s author says this so-called “Code of Silence” has created plausible deniability for the real attackers, who can point out the cathedral has always been a target of Islamists.

The al-Qaeda Connection

Since last fall, the U.S. government has been asserting that Shi’ite Iran allows Sunni al-Qaeda to operate within its borders, claiming the secret alliance has existed since before Osama bin Laden’s alleged death at the hands of an American SEAL team. Pointing to documents purportedly found during the raid on bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, the U.S. says Iran provided financial support for al-Qaeda operations all around the world.

The conspiracy theorist points out this new al-Qaeda connection to Iran first began to surface almost simultaneously to the emergence of the anti-government protests in France, as well as the “beginning of the end” of the Syrian Civil War. The U.S. backed several Islamist militias that battled President Bashar al-Assad and were directly tied to al-Qaeda.

The Yellow Vests

French President Emmanuel Macron was just minutes away from delivering what many said was likely to be the last speech of his presidency in one last—and feckless—attempt to placate the Jacobin “Yellow Vest” protests that have gripped his country for nearly six months. The Notre-Dame Cathedral fire has distracted the nation and likely given him the room he needs to remain in power as he rallies France to rebuild the national icon.

The conspiracy theory’s author says Macron’s silence in the plot has been assured by guaranteeing he can remain in power for the foreseeable future. The cathedral blaze also provides a convenient excuse for the very abrupt end to the “Yellow Vest” movement—which carries all of the telltale signs of an MI-6 sponsored “color revolution.”

France & The JCPOA

France in the lynchpin in rallying the West for war with Iran. Paris has long been the biggest supporter for the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal, and without its support, the pact would quickly unravel.

The conspiracy theorist says “proof” of Iran’s complicity in the cathedral fire would enrage the entire nation, putting pressure from all sides to scrap the deal and hold Tehran accountable. Even with the current narrative of an “accident,” there are some in France would are calling for severe punishment for those responsible.

By removing the United Nations as a forum for debate over war with Iran—a major sticking point for the Bush administration in 2003 during the lead-up to war with Iraq. Israel, the U.S., and the UK are all onboard; all that is missing is France.

Why Assange?

In the months to come, it is very likely the documents dumped by WikiLeaks following Assange’s arrest in London will show he had extensive proof of Western intelligence connections to al-Qaeda. If he ever got his hands on documents related to the current operation, he would undoubtedly publish them as part of his ongoing efforts to “expose the evil soul of the American Deep State.”

The conspiracy theory’s author says by removing Assange from the chessboard, it substantially improves the chances of the plot’s success. The author also concedes it’s entirely possible his arrest was coincidentally timed to coincide with all the other elements of the plot.

The Beneficiaries

The conspiracy theorist says the two biggest beneficiaries of the plot are the U.S. and Israel. The Trump administration needs traction in its bid to seal its “Deal of the Century” Middle East peace plan, and won’t find any until Iran is off the chessboard.

Simultaneously, Israel is forging powerful alliances with the rest of the Muslim world, but can’t achieve its end goal without removing the threat of Iranian retaliation. The author says this plot would achieve what both countries want.

That the U.S. Deep State and Israel are itching for a war with Iran goes without saying, as does the likelihood Assange would prove to be a major obstacle if he ever got his hands on evidence of a plot like the one outlined above. But does this all make sense, or is it just another “crackpot” theory?

(Photo Credit: French Interior Ministry)

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