Christopher Bollyn and Willem Felderhof “Clash of Civilization”

Hofs visited a presentation given by Willem Felderhof and Christopher Bollyn in the Netherlands during the Easter weekend.

From Dutch Anarchy YouTube:

is a true example of genuine journalism. He visited Holland where he did an excellent presentation (will share the presentation asap), addressing the ongoing consequences of the attacks on 11 september 2001 and subsequent fraudulent war on terror. This is a short interview I did with him after the event. The recent burning of the Notre Dame in Paris, the attacks in Sri Lanka, Christchurch, and all the Zionist instigated regime change wars of aggression that caused unimaginable suffering are all coming from the same source. As long as the attacks on 11 September 2001 are being ignored and not properly dealt with, the root causes of the problems we face are being ignored. And because of that we are seeing further deterioration of the human condition escalating in an engineered Clash of Civilization. Check: http://

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