Sri Lanka Bombing! Another false Flag?

Last Easter Weekend the world was informed about a brutal terrorist bombing! The whole Mocking bird media spread the news around like wild fire as if they already knew what was going on and who caused all this terror. No investigation, no forensic data, nothing, only a mocking bird repetition of a main conclusion! What ever happened to investigative journalism? This aspect triggers HOFS to have a closer look at the matter. Indeed something smelly! Indications surfaced that the bombing was not really what main stream media was telling. Therefore a closer examination is needed!

Israeli Agent Provides Photos of ISIS Bombers in Sri Lanka

Source Christopher Bollyn FB:

” The photos of the alleged bombers of Catholic churches and hotels in Sri Lanka are coming from a ISIS-related entity called Amaq News Agency and are provided to the media by Rita Katz, an Israeli agent working out of Bethesda, Maryland. Why is it that Amaq News Agency has no website and has to rely on the Israeli agent Rita Katz of Site Intelligence Group to distribute its material to the media? “

On the israelnationalnews outlet on 21/04/19 the following article appeared:

It appears that Israel helped Sri Lanka prepare for mega-attacks!

What are the odds that Israel helped Sri lanka prepare for mega-attacks and that shortly after the “exercise” there is an “alleged” terror attack of ISIS?

Same like with the New Zeeland Mosque attack, Israel offers to help! How bizarre! Did anybody forgot how many Mosque Israel blew up in Palestina?

More clues regarding the “alleged Terrorist attack on the Sri lanka bombing comes from abel danger’s web page!



Ed. note: What kind of a conclusion should we come to when Sri Lankan’s envoy to Palestine, is awarded a “Star of Friendship Gold Medal” by the President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas on March 25, 2019, and just over a month later, Sri Lankan experiences extremely well coordinated “terrorist attacks?” In 2009 Sri Lanka’s violent civil war ended. Not only this relevant fact, but Israel’s American Jewish Committee-United Hatzalah emergency response organization were in India and Sri Lanka from December 2018 to January 2019 training Sri Lanka’s emergency services in these respective countries on “natural disasters and terrorist attacks.”

The following Daily RT article should give us a clue as to who was responsible for the attacks on Sri Lanka at churches and hotels on Easter Sunday where so far, 290 people have been reported killed. Hint #1: Historically, there is one group of people who say they are “friends of Christians”, but they really aren’t. Hint #2: If your country stands with Palestine expect “terrorist” bomb detonations in your own country. Apparently, it looks like the country of Sri Lanka with a “democratic socialist republic” (hint, hint) needed a little nudge in a certain direction.

Sri Lankan Authorities May Have Fallen Into a Trap Set by a Foreign Power

While this “terrorist” attack went down in Sri Lanka, thankfully it has been quite in Venezuela. But regardless, have a listen to Mike Pompeo brag about his experiences at the CIA and listen carefully. Then listen to the audience’s reaction in response with a little bit more attention. The glory of the American experiment: “I was the CIA director, we lied, cheated and stole…” Nice one, Mike, “what God do you worship?” The reason we mentioned Venezuela is because something is about to go down in Venezuela considering Venezuelan Analysis has been taken down by a DDoS attack.

Palestine President awards Lankan envoy with Star of Friendship Gold Medal 25 March 2019. Source:

Star of Frienship between Sri Lanka and Palestine!

President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas awarding the Star of Friendship (President Mahmoud Abbas Gold Medal) to Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Palestine Mohammed Fawzan Anver, during the farewell ceremony held at the Presidential Palace in Ramallah

President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas awarded the Star of Friendship (President Mahmoud Abbas Gold Medal) to Mohammed Fawzan Anver the Ambassador of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. 

This was during a farewell meeting organised and held at the presidential headquarter in the city of Ramallah, as Mohammed Fawzan Anver has completed his tenure as an Ambassador of Sri Lanka in the Palestinian territories, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Riyad Al Malki and Majdi Al Khalidi, the Special Advisor of the Diplomatic Affairs for the President.

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka was granted the Star of Friendship (Gold Medal of President Mahmoud Abbas) in recognition of his outstanding role in strengthening excellent relations between Palestine and Sri Lanka, and in appreciation for his efforts in supporting the Palestinian people and supporting their just cause to get their freedom and independence.

During the meeting, President Mahmoud Abbas thanked President Maithripala Sirisena and the Government of Sri Lanka for granting a plot of land and a building for the Embassy of the State of Palestine. President Mahmoud Abbas also thanked Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena for addressing the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly last year in New York as it was a big support for the Palestinians and their just cause. 

Israel recently helped Sri Lanka prepare for ‘mega-terror attacks’


Arutz Sheva 7
Sun, 21 Apr 2019 21:47 UTC

Sri Lankan emergency teams responding to a string of deadly bombings across the island nation were trained in part by Israel, in a special program to prepare first responders in the Sri Lankan capital to handle a variety of large-scale disasters – including multiple terror attacks

Comment: Sri Lanka has had no terror attacks until now. It had atrocities during a civil war that lasted till 2009, but it has been outside the ‘War on Terror’ these last two decades. That changed today when the country received its first Random Muslim Attack(s). 

Explosions were reported at eight separate locations across Sri Lanka on Sunday, most of them targeting churches or hotels during the Christian holiday of Easter. 

At least 207 people were killed in the mass attacks, including some 30 foreign nationals. 

Hardest hit was the Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo, with at least three hotels and a church bombed. 

Local emergency teams called upon to conduct search and rescue missions and to treat the victims received special training from Israeli first responder teams, preparing them for a variety of scenarios – including large-scale terror attacks. 

According to a spokesman for the United Hatzalah emergency responder organization, earlier this year, Israeli rescue teams from United Hatzalah traveled to the Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo to train local teams to prepare them for possible mass-casualty incidents, including mega-terror attacks

The programa joint effort of the American Jewish Committee and United Hatzalah, began in December 2018 and continued into January, with training programs in both India and Sri Lanka. 

“This past January, the AJC and United Hatzalah teamed up to train first responders in Colombo, Sri Lanka in mass casualty incidents and disaster management,” United Hatzalah said in a statement Sunday. “The mission, which was funded by the AJC, brought experts from United Hatzalah of Israel to train members of local response organizations in how to provide quick and effective emergency response to large scale emergencies ranging from natural disasters to terror attacks.” 

“The team from Israel provided training to members of the military, police force, search and rescue units and the fire department in Sri Lanka and provided them with tools and techniques developed in Israel in dealing with large-scale attacks such as the kind that occurred today.” 

Below is video from the Indian portion of the AJC-United Hatzalah mission to India and Sri Lanka from December 2018 to January 2019: 

Wrapping up!

The Sri Lanka bombing as well as the Notre Dame arson, as well as the New Zeeland mosk attack, as well as so many other attacks, like 9/11, have all the fingerprints of a State Sponsored Staged Attack. In the Sri Lanka case the state is called )Israel. It is very suspicious that a group of alleged )lSIS terrorists have been linked to the bombing, due to the “ISIS” news agency! In addition, this Agency, has always relayed the news of ISIS in other events as a first res-ponder. Also a groups of )ISraeli were doing exercises before the attack! How peculiar that is? So even if you have half a brain then answer the two questions, How is it that an )Israeli news agent always knows the first what happens with )ISIS? Second question, why is it that )Isis never attacks )Israel? It is very sinister that the son of Mileikowsky has his fingerprints all over the massacre and yet wants to create the illusion that he is so caring about the people involved. Complete and utter distraction and complete and utter Luciferian!

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