Super Actor ” Al-Baghdadi”

In the fantasy story Batman we have a very good actor who plays the Joker. The Joker is the Bad Guy!

In this feature movie “war of Terror”, based on a massive deception, we have another excellent actor. His name is Al-Baghdadi! He plays the very bad guy!

Allow me to introduce this super actor!

A very bad guy Living in Irak, or in countries around! Well, the main capital of Irak is Bagdad, so it is simple for the fantasy lovers to link a name with the capital of Irak! Let us call him Al-Bagdad! Or perhaps Al-Baghdadi! This sounds better! He should play the roll of a very aggressive religious fanatic! Who wants to kill all the Christians and Muslims! Who would make such a negative impression to the West that the West is going to hate him so much, that the West will support the Global hero’s THE Allied forces under guidance of the USA and in the shadow )ISrahell, to bomb the freaking living daylight out of Irak and Syria and countries around, except the Good )Israhell of course. The purpose of the scenario is of course to get the public opinion ready for invading and confiscating all the resourses of these countries. Because that is the only best thing to do! stealing the property of these countries! Asking Al-Baghdadi to protect the oil fields, but never reveal this in the film! It is not so important that millions of people are killed. After all they are Goyims. They are lower than animals and their lives do not matter! Now the actor needs to discuss his script from time to time with super hero John (scumbag) Mccain to detail all the False Flag terror theatre scenarios in the big movie “War of Terror”, which makes the Western people, brainwashed by the Main Stream news, angry about the character and his atrocities! Of course there will be scenes and we trust that the good )Israhell news outlet will pass non-biased information to the main stream. To be the first outlet! Let us hire Rita Katz, director of SITE Intelligence Group, who is so good in getting hold on information and the whereabouts of the enemy terrorist bad guy Al-Baghdadi. Rita can then spread the news around and the mocking bird media is doing the best to put more oil on the fire. What a beautiful scenario to brainswash the Main Stream Media addicted sheeple!

You still believe in the Myth of Al-Newyorki, or Al-Amterdami? If so, I am afraid I cannot help you further!

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