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One might ask, why would the media lie to the public about 9-11? As John O’Donnell wrote the BBC, “One has to ask why the press fails to report these issues fairly – are they also playing a part in the ‘real conspiracy’?

Yes, the controlled media is very much part of the ‘real conspiracy’ – the one against us. We must remember that the media’s hostility to 9-11 truth is intentional and purposeful. It’s not that the media moguls who control the networks can’t fathom the truth or don’t understand that the evidence has proven the official 9-11 story to be completely false.

The media moguls are highly-paid agents of Rothschild Zionism. They are created in the same way that Mayor Bloomberg was created to serve their global agenda. The media moguls who control the press are supporting the 9-11 pack of lies in order to deceive the public about what happened.

If we had a truly free press this would not be the case, but the media outlets in the United States and the English-speaking world are not free at all but rather very tightly controlled. In the U.S., for example, most of the mainstream media outlets are owned by only 6 companies, like Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. This means that a very small group of Rothschild Zionists, like Mr. Murdoch, decide what the public will see and hear, in short, how the public will be informed on all matters great and small.

9-11 is, in fact, the Big Lie of our time and the media is protecting that outrageous lie because it is owned by the same people who pulled off 9-11. We must remember that this evil lie is meant to enslave us. The fact that the mainstream media is working to support the 9-11 lies shows us that the mass media is the main apparatus used for that enslavement. The media moguls and their financial backers are to be blamed and prosecuted for their criminal treason against the people and our republic(s). They are guilty of deceiving the whole world.

Extract from “The Culprits’ War Against 9-11 Truth,” June 12, 2014

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