False Flag Oil tanker Incident

Well it becomes too transparent the game of the Kabal! Let us place this one in the encyclopedia of state sponsored False Flag operations.
What can i say? Since most wars started with a staged state sponsored False Flag operation, instigated by warmongers of the the same incredible evil Cabal, this alleged “attack” does not come as a surprise. In fact, even a half a brain independent researcher can see through this charade. Iran, a peace loving country, who never started any war in the last century, after a long period of deception and lies by the same Cabal through their controlled Main Stream Media, education, corrupt politicians and more, finds itself surrounded by military basis, controlled by the )Zionist bankers!

The narrative of sustaining the perpetuating war on Terror, has lost its fundamentals. People wake up and are no longer convinced that these wars serve the people. They understand it certainly serves the group who is advocating these wars. Also, the people see that the disproportional huge amount of their tax money needed to sustain the war, has lost all the logic reason. It simply does not make any sense! And they are so right!

The indoctrination process by the Main Stream Controlled Media, reinforced by political shills, started way before WWI. Its goal has always been to create a fake narrative which only fits with the opportunistic agenda of those who have a desire to control and enslave us. The )Zionist controlled Mass Media, the education, the system has shaped a fake world, which is now exposed as an evil program which serves no interest for the people.

There is a huge surge in awareness amongst truthers and truthers to be, to see through their game.

I wish this surge would become so huge that it will be “Game over”. Game over for the Cabal. Nobody trust the mainstream media anymore. Nobody trust these warmongers anymore. They are digging their own grave, because there will come a time of reckoning. There will come a time that those who instigate wars for pure opportunistic reasons without any empathy towards innocent and naive brainwashed soldiers who will die in the process, and also towards the innocent people, the alleged enemies who lost their lives, that they will be called upon and hold accountable. Re-visioning history, through a critical and awakened understanding, reveals the same pattern repeatedly. For whom did all these millions and millions of people die? They did not die of a noble cause! They died because of an utterly evil opportunistic Cabal. The process will continue if people do not wake up by the masses!

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