The Aramco drone attack and the peculiar relation between Jeffrey Epstein and Mohammed Bin Salman!

The  Aramco drone attack and the peculiar relation between Jeffrey Epstein  and Mohammed Bin Salman!

At first glance the Aramco Drone attack would raise a red alert amongst truthers, who by now know that you can not trust the Main Steam Media at all when it comes to truth information. Per default if there is any “Terrorist”attack, we know it is 99% a state sponsored staged False Flag attack to put the blame on some “enemy of the state” or another country. Especially a country in vision to be taken over by the Cabal, to steal and loot all their properties and take over the government by prostitute leaders who serve the Cabal.  We have learned their strategy! It has become too obvious. In this case the country would either be Iran or Yemen. No need to go further in this narrative. We have seen too many False Flag attacks, Pearl Harbor, USS liberty,  9/11, Charley Hebdo..  and the list goes on and on and on and on.  Done that seen that!

The meteoric rise of Saudi’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman came as a surprise after the death of King Abdullah at the age of 90. He came to power and so his reputation. So much distraction about this person by the MSM. Never explaining the bigger picture! This is the picture: The Royal Saudi family are Wahhabis  and their bloodlines go back to the Donmeh Jews. They are in fact Sabbatean Cult members and relate with the Royal British family. The British placed the Wahhabis in power, and they have ruled the Saudi Kingdom ever since. To assure the British empire could rule over them in disguise. The Wahhabis have ruled with a strong fist. Misusing the Islam religion to keep the people under the thumb. The control mechanism is not what we perceive through the corrupt MEDIA. It is more subtle, in the dark, in disguise. There have been many stories going around about the very character of MBS. Some claim that he was involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. There are many more stories about the dark side of MBS. Not a nice guy!

What also leaked out in various independent news outlets is that MBS was in the address book of Jeffrey Epstein. No need to introduce this person. We all know that Epstein ran a Mossat operation to compromise high ranked people so that the Sabbatean Death Cult, of which Epstein and his ilk was a member, could blackmail those high in rank if they would not do what the dark puppet masters would order them to do. MBS has been reported to have met Jeffrey Epstein several times. Now we all know now that Epstein had special treats for those high-ranking people. Various sources tell that not MBS rules over Saudi Arabia, but rather a small country not so far away. MBS is their servant!

It is no mystery that the kingdom of Saudi has a huge pile of military tools. Those are facts. Ask the question, why does USA entrust Saudi Arabia with so many weapons? A Muslim country? Muslims who were the terrorists and carried out the 9/11 attack? Hmmmmmmm, very odd indeed! Their masters, those who control a huge country, the USA, would not allow them if it was not that Saudi Arabia was under full control! Yes indeed, by a small country in the middle east! The one and only democracy in the Middle east! That poor country, who suffers so much from all the terrorists! Hmmm…….

Saudi has way more missiles then Yemen, for sure. Yemen has nothing! Yemen has oil. And the Saudi rulers are desperate to steal that away from Yemen. Any precious resources, they want it! Well not the Saudi’s but those who control the Saudi’s. You know, this small country nearby! Yes, the Sabbatean Cult want to have all these resources and they do not give a dam how to get it. Killing innocent people in their road to loot has no meaning for them. They do not care!

lately, with Bolton, the war monger, in his position, we saw all sorts of attempts instigated by this incredible evil Sabbatian Frankist cult member, to start wars all over the world (Venezuela, Iran) to be triggered by false flag operations. It became so obvious that even a half a brain could see this swindle. Fortunately, people are waking up and see through the obvious Theatre.

The bottom line is, that the Ruling elite of Saudi Arabia are puppets of the Sabbatian frankest Cult and therefore any mainstream media broadcasting of A Terrorist attack, should be cautioned to the highest and be regarded as utterly suspicious.

In other words, do not believe anything the MSM is propagating. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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