Globalists are brainwashing our children!

Globalists are brainwashing our children! They keep the Global warming swindle going! We have to educate our children and explain them that there is a very dark agenda behind it! We have to explain them that CO2 is a necessity for the flora to grow! CO2 is very healthy and good! This fact leads to the following point: Why the heck do we contract education out to a government which is complete and utter corrupt and follows the dark agenda of geoengineering and G5? Get used to is, the Government does not serve the interest of the people. They serve the interest of their parasitic masters who want the people to be stupid. Stupid people can be managed way more easy then people who can think!
The best is to address the issues to those who control the Fake education to our children. Expose them! Expose the dark agenda they are orchestrating! We have to start a think-tank on how to educate our children better! If our children understand how they are manipulated we have a guarantee that their future is not compromised. The people who are awake have a duty to educate our next generation! The good news is that some young people understand what is going on! They just need wise and responsible people to feed them with truth information. Therefore one essential thing of the Truthers is to spread the truth around everywhere possible. Logic and truth will prevail!

All over the world climate protesters come out on the the streets. They demand that leaders tackle the climate change.


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