Halle synagogue ZIONIST shooting Hoax DISSECTED

The recent Halle Synagogue shooting has all the features of a False Flag State Sponsored terrorist attack.

By P.J. Kuehlen

source: https://rudarts.home.blog/2019/10/15/halle-synagogue-zionist-shooting-hoax-dissected/

1) Turns out German State TV (ZDF) caught embedding the Halle Synagogue shooting video frame into an official Twitch channel interface pretending the live stream was viewd by 170 Million users and was streamed live on the @Dreamhack Twitch channel.

2) Turns out the attack was also filmed from a window during the shootout with the police (from which the shooter escaped) by a retired camera man of the same state TV channel, who used to work on big shows filming all the VIP. https://www.bild.de/regional/leipzig/wetten-dass/ostdeutscher-stand-bei-wetten-dass-20-jahre-hinter-der-kamera-39005052.bild.html

3) Turns out he never filmed what the shooter was shooting at.

4)Turns out the shooter was financially sponsored by anonymous Bitcoin donations https://www.n-tv.de/politik/Stephan-B-hatte-finanziellen-Unterstuetzer-article21326201.html

5)Turns out the camera man reportedly made eye contact with the shooter.

6)[Updated] – turned out not to be true
Turns out the retired state TV channel camera man managed to get not only the shooter and his car into the frame from out of his appartment window, but also an election campaign poster of the AfD (reportedly right wing) party of Germany which is usually blamed for anything right wing happening in Germany.

7)[Updated] – turned out not to be true
Turns out the retired state TV channel camera man manages to keep that poster in view for the most part during his video.

8)Turns out he also worked in North Korea and Israel – and must have gotten the needed Intelligence clearing from both sides for those trips. https://www.atv-halle.de/kameramann/

9)Turns out he made a movie about Jews in Halle.

Juden in Halle

10)Turns out his father paints Concentration Camp paintings for sale https://www.meinolf-splett.de/kunst-und-diktatur/

11)Turns out the first site the streamed attack was mentioned belongs to one Rita Katz https://ent.siteintelgroup.com/Far-Right-/-Far-Left-Threat/first-person-video-from-halle-germany-shooting-uploaded-to-popular-livestream-platform.html

12)Turns out private security agent Rita Katz is well informed

13)Turns out she is a platform for terrorist networks and is well connected. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rita_Katz

Turns out her father was sentenced to death for spying.
Turns out she calls herself a flaming Zionist.

14)Turns out the shooters father is on a Stasi list (Communist Secret Service) https://berndpulchdotme.wordpress.com/tag/stasi-namen-alphabetisch-buchstabe-ba-be-stasi-names-in-alphabetical-order-ba-be/

15)Turns out the women who got shot was on the friends list of the shooters social media. Sorry, no link.

16)Turns out those are all just coincidentally connected otherwise totally random facts – if you want.

17)Turns out they got all the money and all the media and they can psy-op you to death.

18)In the video he says: “Hi! My name is Anon …”
Anon refers to anonymous user.

19)Turns out the retired German state TV camera man lives right next to the kebap the shooter “randomly” picks to find one of his victims.

20)Turns out the sports reporter Michel Milewski, working for BILD, Germany’s biggest tabloid, was also only a few meters away from the kebap at the time of the action (conducting an interview) and was able to give live footage and eye witness account from the scene immediately.
He managed to talk to the survivor of the kebap attack!

21)Turns out the Green Party of Halle is mourning together with the retired German State TV channel camera man Andreas Splett and they want more members.

22)Turns out the Green Party in Halle and the faboulus camera man also share the same address.



23)Turns out, the plot thickens.

24)Turns out, no blood!

25)Turns out $hooter was US forces? https://globintel.com/germany/halle-shooting-stephan-balliet-bio-wiki-age/

26)Turns out SITE has pushed hoaxes before. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/10/10/halle-germany-shooting-yet-another-mossad-false-flag/

27)Turns out the shooter was not right wing according to his social media friends list. https://vids.theoven.me/v/3633

28)Turns out his defense lawyer claims the shooter was radicalized online through Muslim material and his motive was not right wing.

Brodelnde Gerüchteküche: Ist der Killer von Halle doch ein Linker?

29)Turns out one eye witness who was inside the kebap claims 5 or 6 people were inside https://tv-germany.com/vid/uZyfmoCAr3eRybc/augenzeuge-berichtet-aus-halle-auf-einmal-wirft-er-was-aussieht-wie-eine-granate-n-tv.html
Turns out, the live stream only shows 3 and not the witness.

30)Turns out there was another reporter inside of the Synagogue. Christina Feist
(a freelance journalist https://www.linkedin.com/in/christina-feist-2a948b14a/ )
usually visits a Synagogue every week in Berlin, but for this Yom Kippur she was in Halle and was able to give an interview.

31)Turns out Christina Feist also managed to be right where the action was in Paris, when a random fire destroyed the roof of Notre Dame according to the copyrights credits.

32)Turns out his freelance jewnalist Christina Feist gets around alot. I bet she will have more of those concerts in her calendar in the days coming. Currently she is giving a marathon of interviews all over to any network (her job right now I guess) and she is about to lose her voice from too much talking.

33)Turns out Jerusalem is also worth a trip to witness terror live.
So many terror related tweets going years back! @molussia_anders

33B) 10 Americans inside the ambushed Synagogue will surely help this event hit the US market.

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