George Floyd Police Murder! Another Staged False Flag Theatre to Create fear and devision!

George Floyd is again a staged ‘False Flag’ event to create fear and devision.

The awake people are used to these False Flag events which are deliberately staged by the CULT. Their goal is to rule over the sheep and the best way to do it is by division. People who are devised are not a danger to those who want to rule over us.

With the coming elections in the USA it is important to have again a narrative to promote a tight police state. It is becoming so clear to see. Fortunately more and more people wake up to these staged events.

Didn’t we see these terror actors before?

Same Tactics, Same purpose Bad White Man, oppressing a black person. All per design to create terror, fear and setting up one race against the other race! People not united are easier to control than people who are united!

The Murder Of George Floyd Was A Set Up And False Flag: The Best Summary Far About This Entire Incident That Exposes It As A Definite False Flag Operation!

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