And the successor of Soros is? Soros!

The apple does not fall far from the tree! The same is valid for the Soros Satanic Cult tree. No introduction for Soros senior. His reign in selling death, destruction and chaos, in pursuit of the nefarious New World order agenda will come to an end. As they always do, they want to reach their goals no matter what happens. Even after they are dead. There is infinite money, harvested from the ordinary people through all kind of scams, which they call taxation, CO2, Climate, disaster, Red cross and a long list of other scams where the net outcome is funneled to the National banks, which are not national and fully in the hands of Soros masters, the Rothschilds and their ilk. So Soros needs new blood and who could better serve the masters than his own sun. Alex Soros.

Alex Soros founder of innocent sounding “Friends of Democracy” shows his real colors. Documents linked to Alex Soros are related with plans to create civil unrest and marTial Law in Baltimore!

For the Dutch audience, Alex Soros is a ‘good friend’ of convenient fool, the Dutch puppet president Mark Rutte. Isn’t it obvious from who this traitor is getting his instructions?

Rutte and Alex Soros! Instructions from the masters to the compromised puppet! Follow the NWO agenda and we will reward you! You are such an example for our puppets politician shills who follow the NWO!

The instructors of Rutte:

Who gives Rutte orders? Orders to bring the Dutch people to the slaughter house?

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