And yes, Boris Johnson shows his true colors!

Global vaccine summit raises £7bn Boris announces! Thanking Bill & Melinda gates!

Boris has just announced that the Global Vaccine Summit has raised £8.8billion (US10bn) to fund GAVI over the next 5yrs! Boris thanked Bill & Melinda for their ‘Philanthropy’ …

What does this mean? Well it means that Johnson, as any other politician in this Corona pandemic, has shown his true colors. He is just another puppet who maintains the big lie and facilitates the globalist surveillance agenda of the masses by the 1%. Facilitating the Bill & Melinda NWO vaccination agenda is what the Cult finally wants. They want to control each and any individual to complete submission and use the people as cattle. Boris Johnson, peoples choice for steering the UK out of the globalist grip, by over-promising expectations to the Britisch audience, is just another puppet which shows his true colors. He will steer the British into the dark abyss of total control.

Global vaccine summit raises £7bn, Boris Johnson announces

On who’s side Is Boris Johnson? The answer, is, look at his actions, not his words!

How could the Britisch people possible believe that Boris Johnson will get them out of the 1% grip, if he is just another puppet!
UK wake up!

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