Wouter Raatgever has filed a lawsuit against corrupt ministers and responsible people of NL institute for Health!

From Patricia Van Oosten

21 June peacefull, non-violent gathering of connection in The Hague.

This is a Dutch interview with activist Wouter Raatgever.
He explains to all, also rich, fortunate people who think it won’t hurt them, and to all police; that also for them every quality of life is at complete stake now.

In this little but overorganised country things are going very fast now.
The two media channels on news (RTL4 and NOS) together with our paid celebreties, are only spreading lies and propaganda; towards the climax; forced vaccination plus a police-state which goes along with that, with the means of 5g.

Therefore they want to implant the same laws on 1 july like they did in Nazi-Germany; ‘for your safety we transport you to Buchenwald’ (different victims; same betrayers).
Which gives acces to police to enter your house, force you into quarantine, arrest you on the street or wherever you don’t hold 1,5 meter etc. Which they implement ONLY to force vaccination with nano’s, and prevent revolts on it.
Outroll of 5G makes it very easy to target people; through their phones or computers.

Gates-company has made a map of ‘gene-types’ and ‘behaviour’; and he sais on an old report for the CIA that he makes special (killing-infertile or behaviour changing) vaccines for these ‘types’. One type, Bmap2gene he considers as religious fanatic based on brain-activity when reading religious texts….. this was in 2005; now they’ve done 15 years ‘gene-mapping’.

So the last step in this journey of exposal now is massive awakening on this bunch of demons who want to steal this world for their own insane lowleveled satanic minds.

The last letter of WHO states that every child (untill 18) who shows up at school, which is obliged, will be vaccinated at school.

The vaccine (which they want to inject 7 times) contains RNA which copies DNA and can be overwritten with whatever influence; and finally kills.

Chinese government is deep into this WHO; and has the habit for their elite that if they need a fresh organ, they kill simply meditating (fulang) people by taking their organs alive out of them before. This is the ‘attitude’ which goes as a dark cloud over the world.

Wouter says to the rich and the police; ‘also you and your children will be killed and destroyed/molested with this, there is no escape if you don’t act now’. Only if you sell yourself to this very dark energy (also called the devil) will give you priviliges; but you’ll pay with your own free, creative double (real you).

These are the ‘heads’ of the Dutch betrayers: as you can see; it’s about lowleveled one-sided beings; who have given high power to outroll the agenda of the dark.
Hans Brug, Jaap van Dissel, Hugo de Jonge, Miriam Sturkenboom (who provides false scientific results) and Mark Rutte.
This president is falsely into power; elections have been rigged and they killed #ArjenKamphuis the computer-technologist who explained how easy it is to rigg elections.

For Dutch: Listen and empower yourself and your friends with this very good interview with Wouter Raatgever:

How you can legally declare these people by the police:

file: https://commonsensetv.nl/doe-ook-aangifte-snel-en-makkelij…/

Wouter uses the symbol of Saturn and changes it into music-instruments or fun; cause the (Sumerian) symbol looks like the faked fotoshops of corona-virus.

That black, downpushing controll energy is what they honour. Nothing wrong with Saturn; but not if you give those beings aligned with it worldpower….

Hugo de Jonge, Hans Brug, Miriam Sturkenboom and Jaap van Dissel

Hans Brug; head RIVM

Miriam Sturkenboom EU medicines Agency

Hugo de Jonge; Minister of Health and Sports….former ‘primary school-teacher’…..
Jaap van Dissel head RIVM CIB
Mark Rutte, about 14 years pushed forward ‘president’ of the Netherlands. Can you imagine???

Sumerian Symbol of Saturn on the left; the four nails in a cirkle.

more on Wouter Raatgever: See following link:

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