The Corona test! A Trojan horse!

Most awake people know that the Corona data is highly inflated and that a dark agenda is driving this insanity to have a narrative to vaccinate people. The ultimate goals is to control the people and to control the population (agenda 2030, Georgian Guisdestones). The dark agenda is so much in overdrive that they want to already inject you with poison during the so called Test. They penetrate deep into your nose to scratch some tissue away, which they later use for DNA archiving and at the same time they can insert all sorts of crap into your body. Like a vaccine (which is complete and utter poison) or an RFID chip.

A warning to the people! Do not take the test! Apart from being extremely unreliable and useless, there is a danger luring! The danger is to trap you in a hidden vaccination and RFID injection.

Do not trust the authorities as they only follow guidelines dictated by the Corrupt WHO who is mainly sponsored by Eugenics Bill Gates.

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Truth Activist who wants to inform people about what is really going on in this world.

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