The New Religion

by Randa Berouti

The New Religion

In Europe and the West in general, there is a relatively new and undeclared religion with a narrative that is on no account to be doubted, with a ready inquisition court – that ends in a prompt prison – which comes with the defamation of character, the loss of job and means of live-hood, and on top of this the ‘blasphemer’ gets to be labeled with all sorts of defamatory and derogatory terms..

This religion is called the Holocaust.. And no matter how serious the study or the research the documents the doubts.. Nothing changes.. You are allowed only to think what is presented to you as facts by those who won the war and wrote “history”!

Children in schools are taken to pilgrimage each year.. It is part of the education system of regular and systematic brainwashing where they are given doses of fear, horror and guilt enough to stop them from even thinking about it..Since to do so is to doubt.. and doubt is a crime akin to perpetrating it ..
And don’t you dare accuse those who are till now profiting from this so called religion-sacrifice, for you would be as if, lighting that torch again, daring to doubt the story is equal to you yourself doing the untold horror of burning another human being. This is like the utmost sacrilege, the soiling of the memory of those “burnt martyrs” …
You are allowed to doubt God, the creation, the stars, human beings’ highest values, or whatever you wish to doubt but not the ‘Holocaust” … The most profitable tragedy-hoax made creed in history.

While the original aim of religion is to link human beings to their inner light and be of some guide to what is wrong and what is right…to give a sort of solace in the face of doubt, in other words religion stems from the very heart of uncertainty, this Holocaust religion is totally the opposite. It is certainty itself. Ready packaged for you, with ‘facts’, ‘events’, and the narrative is all made for the very opposite purpose of faith.
It is made to keep people in the dark, not only to the real historic facts but to degrade your sense of dignity as a human through installing fear or guilt or both. So while historically all religions started off as a liberating force and movement, this religion has the function of installed fear and servitude. The sheer and utter horror of it is made to make any person shun even the idea of discussing it, and in case that was not enough, laws were enacted to make sure you do not go beyond the line depicted for you. Whereas Truth was supposed to set you free, here ‘truth’, freedom’ have become a law of enslavement, for any limitations of man’s right to seek knowledge for himself is the worst kind of enslavement and the theft of your natural right as a human being. As for those supposed victims of the ‘Holocaust’, the people belonging to this group, the supposed ‘victims’, they are trapped in a sense of persecution and anger that enforces on them a thick crust, a hard shell of self-defense and isolation that is acts as an adhesive, a glue most needed for the creation of an identity based on oppression, to create the so called state of “Israel”.. Israel, which until that utter horror story of “Holocaust” , was at best only a Biblical myth.

Post Scriptum:
As a child born to Palestinian parents, who had run away from the war and then forbidden to return home, thereby exiled forcefully, a thing that has become an imposed routine on our lands since then, my mother (I suppose this was her aim) thought that I should learn about other peoples’ tragedies so she bought me to read – what every person in the West probably had to have in their home- “The Diaries of Anne Frank”. All I remember (with a feeling of triumph) that she wrote she was happy in Germany in did not want to go to Palestine. But the fear was there anyway, I had no need for additional doses. At night I would have nightmares of Nazi jeeps roaming empty streets of Beirut where I was born, and we had to be when they passed, flat on our bellies with our face and our nose stuck to the ground. They had to make sure we do not lift our heads… or else… But in my nightmare, the Nazi jeeps were ‘Israeli’ jeeps. That nightmare kept reoccurring regularly until the age of 13 or so; and then, one night in this nightmare my knees refused to give way, they refused to kneel, I was unable to lie flat face pressed to the floor, so the military car stopped, they had detected a head, my head.. I woke up terrified. Sometime later and very strangely the nightmare takes off were it had abruptly stopped the last time. The jeep parked and the soldiers entered the outer entrance of the house where we lived, I could hear them but I had no fear only resignation, and they knock, I opened the door, and here they are, four or five soldiers. They took seats on high stools and I stared at them surprised. “Oh but they are human beings…” I observed that with a sense of realization and relief. And it ended there. The nightmare did not return. Probably, an intrinsic decision was taken inside me, not to kneel to any dogma linked to fear.

I can imagine all the terrified people, all through the mechanism of induced terror herded off like sheep, (like we Palestinians did not much later) like cattle in bunker ships on their way to Palestine (a Land with no People, us, Palestinians, the “no people”). Therefore, this ‘religion’, unlike other religions is a combination of terror, horror and taboo. No one is allowed to question the ‘horror of horrors’ story, which makes the crucifixion of Christ seem a child’s play in comparison, not only, but it works as a big wall and huge shadow, meant to obscure and diminish any other crime done after that ‘Holocaust’ deed. And if Joan of Arc and other martyrs of Christianity and other religions, became Saints because of the endurance and suffering as a price for their belief, a whole group of people of one faith – not a race – have become untouchable saints. Therefore, unlike others religions, that have individuals canonized, a whole group of people have been canonized as saints, not to give a lesson of morality and courage to other humans, but to exempt them from upholding the very fundamental values of humanity.
To support and protect this creed, books where made, films upon films of pure propaganda and museums erected not to remind humans of their higher values but of their fall. Consequently…TO CRITISIZE THE SUPPOSED VICTIMS REGROUPED ON OTHER PEOPLES’ LANDS, IS A TABOO PROTECTED BY LAW IN SOME COUNTRIES!

And no matter what they do of thieving, destruction, expelling people from their homes and properties, massacring, bombing whole area of civilians, creating death squads, mercenaries to destabilize the area they imposed themselves upon it and perpetrate ethnic cleansing, the breaking up of families of social weaves, the breakup of societies, all of this factual daily horror we in our area witness daily, it is diminished and even justified behind this huge mass lump of sanctity belonging to this new religion of horror.
I don’t know if any fall of humanity or decadence could be greater than what we witness now. The right of a human being to think for himself and express it is denied and the right to defend your natural and historic rights on your land and property is banned and vilified, while criminals.. roam this Earth absolutely protected and free.

Randa Berouti.

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