Nano particles in the air are the real killers!

What big Oil and big Farma does not want you to know!

Nano particles in the air are the real killers!

Big oil has always hidden this info, otherwise they could not sell oil. They still hide away the truth. Big oil is telling that catalyzers in cars get rid of the particles. In fact the catalysis makes the particles smaller. They turn the exhaust into nano particles. These nano particles are in the air and we inhale them. The nano particles are poison and our body is fighting against these invaders and tries to get them out through exosomes. In history big oil, and also big pharma, had to apply a Hegelian dialectic story to hide away the real agenda. So they invented a Virus! A virus is a popular name for exosomes. Viruses are exosomes and are not poisoness. The are the result of cells under “stress”!

The Corona Hegelian Dialect fits exactly in this hidden agenda. Blame it on a virus! In this way the real root cause is hidden. The real root cause is air-polution. Wuhan is the most air poluted city in China. perfect place to drop a “Virus” Bomb! Blame it on a virus and invent a patsy!

(Or another example, blame the alleged HOAX “climate Change” on a natural essential building block CO2. How stupid can the world be to think that CO2 is poison?)

In EU for sure all the “corona” contaminations are based on lies. On a PCR test which does nothing elsen than reproducing the material it has been given. The PCR test does not give any prognoses of a so called “virus infection”. It can not, for many reasons! One good reason is that the virus has never been isolated. A real smoking gun indeed! CDC admitted this. follow Jon Rappaport.

So, we come to one of the most sensitive aspect the Cult wants to hide from the sheeple. The route cause of nano particles poisoning!

The deliberate poisoning in line with the Georgia Guide stones NWO Agenda!

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