Everything is inverse!

We are living in a society which is completely inverse. If anything has become clear through this CORONA Plandemic, then it is the control which the governments want to apply to the people. With a false narrative, which is the very dangerous virus, which does not exist, the people are forced to accept this lie. If this narrative would be true, why is it that the authorities, facilitated by the corrupt state propaganda Main Stream Media, use excessive force and brutality to kick this narrative into the minds of the people? How can you sell this narrative of “together we will fight the Corona” and at the same time beat old ladies and whoever who has the guts to take a stand against the authorities? If this disease was real we would have expect other actions. More humane. But no, with brute force and complete insane measures, the elephant has come into our living rooms and the doors are locked. The enemy has shown there faces, the masks are off. The insanity and the un-logic “emergency’ actions of all the countries in the world, show that all the governments are actors under control of a global network, which is the New World Order! People in the world have to unite and form a defense or rather an attack against this brutal enslavement.

One way to do it is to expose the faces of the enemy. Do not read the controlled Main Stream Media, do your own research and team up with truth warriors. United we are strong!

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Truth Activist who wants to inform people about what is really going on in this world.

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