The Ukraine war. The endgame of the Khazarians: The genocide of white Christians, once more.

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The sudden war in Ukraine has triggered many revisionists to understand the deeper meaning of the Agenda which has rolled out.

This report nails it.

“I live in Portugal and I can see many “nationalists” cheering Putin and the new Red Army as they advance through Ukraine. I don’t think these people have realized they are being played. The fact you have red flags with the hammer and the sickle being displayed by the army just proofs they are communist in their heart and want a new Soviet Union. Surely, Greater Israel is to be build on the original site of Jewry – Khazaria. To do that, they need to remove Ukrainians and annex the territory. I think this is their true goal. Sure enough there could be evidences of the bio-labs financed by Hunter Biden, Bill Gates, etc and I am certain these labs exist. However, this is just a pretext for the invasion. The true goal is not the destruction of these labs but rather the destruction of Eastern Europe with the creation of a Jewish enclave guarded by Russia. They will remove/kill the Ukrainians to cleanse the territory which, compared to the Western one, has less immigration thus being more white. It is a brutal assault on Ukraine just so that Heavenly Jerusalem can come to fruition. The migration was and still is a direct assault since rapes, murder, etc are rampant everywhere in Europe. Sweden is unrecognizable. But there really is no reason to cheer Putin. But it is like you said, the West is so demoralized anyone who stands against NATO, UN, etc (despite siding with China, despite pushing 5G and Fourth Industrial Revolution, etc) is lauded as a hero against the NWO. Many, influenced by Alex Jones, Fuentes, Anglin, etc still think “daddy” Trump is on their side and want him to take charge of the West, while Putin and Xi Ping take charge of the East. Eurasia is definitely being put into practice. Meanwhile, EU approved a new Versailles Treaty which will grant even more power to this supra-national masonic state. They are playing us for the World Reset. They are forcing people to choose a side, both of which will lead to our destruction. The Q-morons just keep saying “Trust the plan”…Yeah right, this plan will destroy European races, culture and everything beautiful and pure this world has seen. Even if Russia was opposition, its order would be as dangerous and menacing as the current one. Jews are again preparing a new massacre of the goyim. The Covid narrative was crumbling, so they just started a war to keep people locked up in fear and despair. When people are afraid to death, they can’t think properly, making them incredibly susceptible to propaganda and totalitarian measures. They’ll sell the Reset as the solution for world’s problems and everyone will go along with this because they’re terrified. Suicide rates, college drop-outs, depression rates are through the roof. Many people are on their bricking point. After this war ends, they’ll come up with another virus (like with the Spanish flu, patented and created in Rockefeller labs) and they’ll just blame the war, the rationing of food, increase of poverty, etc…Alongside with 5G and graphene – whose side effects are exactly the same as the vaccines – they will blame everything and anything, except the “cure”. Could it we are heading to the final blow of Jewry? Things are going really fast right now. With the vaccines, 5G, Trans-Humanism and War, we are heading towards and apocalyptic age. I’m not optimistic about this outcome. We don’t have Hitler and NS Germany to back us now; we are alone, scattered through the Earth, an easy prey for Judenthum. Western degeneracy and decadency has destroyed people’s values and morals. Nobody is willing to fight for any cause. Idealism and honor were replaced by individualism and cowardice. I truly hope something good can come out of this, but I think the opposite is likely to occur.”

Statement of Ukrainian Heroine activist points out the real danger to Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the world.

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