Al Qaeda and ISIS! Monsters created by the West!

As independent channels are ramping up their activities, due to the ever zero and false content which the Main Stream Media provides, truth is revealing

ISIS Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (as big an open secret as 911)
Israeli journalist Stephen Ben Nun reports on Israeli program Israeli News Live (INL) that ISIS is the creation of Israel, quoting intelligence reports & other reliable sources, that many of the ISIS leaders speak Hebrew.
At least 10 ISIS leaders spoke Hebrew to each other & also had Israeli walkie talkies, guns & cell phones. These sources say they also spoke Arabic, but with a strong Israeli accent. 
However, none of the western MSM will mention this


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Very suspicous that an Israeli news agency always knows first what ISIS is gong to do. Theoretically Israel and ISIS terrorist should be enemies!

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Sri Lanka bombing!

Israeli Agent Provides Photos of ISIS Bombers in Sri Lanka
The photos of the alleged bombers of Catholic churches and hotels in Sri Lanka are coming from a ISIS-related entity called Amaq News Agency and are provided to the media by Rita Katz, an Israeli agent working out of Bethesda, Maryland. Why is it that Amaq News Agency has no website and has to rely on the Israeli agent Rita Katz of Site Intelligence Group to distribute its material to the media?

Note the SITE logo in the upper left-hand corner. This is the caption for this photo published by CNN: A still from the video released by the Amaq news agency, claiming to show the Sri Lanka bombers. ISIS/SITE Intelligence Group
Source: CNN exclusive: ISIS suspect gave advance warning of Sri Lanka bombings, Indian official says

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Lilly Martin Sahiounie is with Janice Kortkamp and 2 others.3 May at 06:36

Breaking News Latakia, Syria: my area has been attacked by Al Qaeda affiliate in Idlib, who control a large area, which is the last terrorist-controlled area in Syria. It is to the North East of the city of Latakia. They are not ISIS, but the remnants of the American and NATO backed terrorists who have been in Syria since 2011. This black flag in the photo makes you think of ISIS, but in reality, they all use BLACK flags, and they are all the same, whether they were the original “John McCain Army” of 2011, or today. Some Syrian Arab Army soldiers died from this attack today while defending Latakia. You are going to be told many lies, about why it is not good to kill these terrorists but to protect them instead. Do not believe these lies. We can not live in peace until these groups are finished off. We can not live under the threat of terrorism.