Captain Dan Hanley whistleblower

Dan Hanley23 April at 22:04

from is FB page

I currently have 5000 facebook friends and 4500 followers. Since facebook only allows 5% of my friends/followers to see my posts on a given day, I have decided to repost this for those who might not have read it.

It details the lengths that the US government and the airlines will go to silence 9/11 whistleblowers.

My story in a nutshell…

From 2001 to 2003, as a 35-year United Airlines captain, I attempted to speak out about the 9/11 farce. After numerous face-to-face and phone conversations, and emails/letters to union and management officials, I sent in federally-mandated safety and security reports that implicated the Federal Aviation Adinstration. I was immediately removed from the flight schedule without just cause. ALPA, my pilot union, refused to legally represent me in this matter.

Subsequently, I attempted to arrange meetings to include my personal attorney with my union and United management to no avail. They refused.

Shortly thereafter, I received a call from my JFK flight manager that the chief flight surgeon at United had ordered him to put me on sick leave without warrant and without my having seen an aeromedical physician.

Running out of sick leave time and desperate, I called my chief pilot as I was about to go nonpay, which I considered it to be punitive for speaking the truth. He advised me that before I could return to flying, I would be required to see a United flight surgeon with the stipulation that I would agree to do whatever the company demanded of me. Reluctanty, I agreed knowing that my next step would be to file an FAA Whistleblower Protection report after the meeting.

Upon meeting the flight surgeon, he advised me that I would be required to see a company-appointed mental health professional which, to my misfortune, I agreed. Without going into detail, I was permanently medically grounded for life as a pilot on a trumped up diagnosis by a quack shrink that United had hired to diagnose me.

Knowing that I had been railroaded off the property, I filed an FAA Whistleblower Protection Report that was stonewalled for the next five years by the Departments of Transportation, Homeland Security, and Justice. Realizing how corrupt the government was and how deep the 9/11 corruption ran, I finally gave up.

The entire ordeal cost me my 27-year marriage, the alienation of my two children, my career and reputation as a pilot, and the ruination of my finances…all for speaking the truth.