David Irving – Churchill’s War!

David Irving exposes historical events which have been deliberately hidden by the main stream media and the authorities.

We can not find in the main stream history books that two major Jewish bankers have funded the Nazi party in 1028! But these are facts!

Which means that the Zionists sponsored Hitler!

The British American air-raid on Dresden on February the 14th in 1945! Over a 100000 people have died that night! David wrote a book about it. The destruction of Dresden!

Irving reveals that Churchill has been lying about the history! Churchill turned out to be an outstanding liar!

The reality was that Churchill knew that the war ruined the British economy very badly!

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The most beautiful cities in Europe were completely destroyed and most companies were bankrupt! How could Churchill admit it? Churchil pretended it was all worth while!

After the war of Germany and Russia against Poland, Churchill set up the biggest lie. That England was in danger because of Germany! Hitler announced that he had no desire to fight against England. This crucial information was hidden in the main stream media. Churchill maintained a lie telling that Germany wanted to destroy the British Empire! This was not true!

Later after the invasion vivid ghastly pictures where deliberately placed in the newspaper of British bulldozers dumping bodies in a pitch! A story emerged of how brutal the Nazi regime was with respect to the labor camps! Suddenly it seemed to be worth while, because “suddenly” the people got to know “what was going on in Germany”! A narrative was spread around as a retrospective attempt to justify the war!

Nobody asked the question, why so many people had died of Tyfus! It could not have happened in 1 day time. Nobody reasoned that due to the brutal onslaught on Germany like the massive Dresden Bombing, people got sick and tyfus broke out. That was the major cause of death of the German people due to the British and Americans bombing Germany non stop!

After the war, logic questions were not answered. History academics were not allowed to research in depth what caused all the Typhus. It is quite logic that if for a long period pharmaceutical factories, infrastructure, houses utilities were bombed that people will get sick.

never ever historians researched these practical aspects, because they were afraid not to get sponsored if they did not fit into the main stream narrative.

Historians faked the truth about Hitler to justify the war against him! They faked history to purify the name of Winston Churchill who fought against Germany and Europe for no other purpose for the glorification of his own name!

Dunkerque one of the most shameful episodes in British history: Where Churchill give a command to the general in Charge Lord Gord to withdraw, to retreat to pull out of the line! Without informing the brothers on the right or the left, Belgians or French. explicitly ordered not to tell his allies, The French and Belgium’s high command! In the official archives several pages have been blanked out on purpose, with the intention not to reveal the real history!

The fact that the British sank the French fleed in july 1940 at Dunkerque because of a French translation error! The word Control has been misinterpreted and due to the mistake Churchil orderd the sinking of the fleed! 12000 people perished!

In the archives all the files which showed that Churchill was at the verge of accepting Hitlers offers are blanked out!

Interesting fact was that Churchill’s father was good friends with the Rotschilds.

Baron Rotschild, Nathaniel Mayer and Randolph Churchill