Hellstorm: The Biggest Cover-Up in History by Thomas Goodrich

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There’s an easy answer to the question why are we never told the whole truth? If we were, those pulling the strings would never get away with the heinous acts they choose to commit. Churchill & his head of bomber command Arthur Harris decided they should carpet bomb German cities of no military significance for days on end, knowing this would slaughter 100,000’s of women, children & refugees. This goes some way into explaining why for every UK citizen killed in WWII, 100 Germans died. Often the immediate reaction is to ignore this mind-boggling statistic, merely brushing it off by saying well they shouldn’t have started the war.


Sometimes I wonder if there’s any point in even saying, if only you knew the truth. Once written it all but seems history books aren’t of paper but indestructible concrete. Politicians & media know their lines only too well. Those that aren’t so well versed are told what to say. Then there’s Hollywood, forever placing the icing on the cake, always portraying the enemy in the worst possible light while claiming our side represents the knight in shining armour. Decade after decade, this cycle of brainwashing continues so that anyone who even attempts to move just slightly away from the official narrative finds themselves ambushed, hounded & ridiculed.

Even if you’re aware of the truth, merely saying a million innocent folk died here, another two million there & so on, is totally inadequate. Words cannot begin to describe the utter hell German civilians & soldiers had to endure toward the end of WWII & indeed long after. We have to see it with our own eyes or at best be informed but for this we need reporters & journalists to do their job. The problem is if I had to pick an industry where the job performed is the antithesis of the job description, the media wins hands down. As a result, genuine news is regularly withheld while what we’re fed, more often than not, is pure unadulterated tripe.

So I’m now in no doubt – if everyone saw this film, apart from the mass re-cycling of WWII history books, a total overhaul of the media, statues of certain leaders being torn down, maybe even the Rothschild banking dynasty for once feeling the heat – apart from all this, what I’m certain would happen, is it would be a damn sight harder for any country to ever declare war again. This is the difference with having a media that tells the truth as opposed to one that lies all the time.

The problem is an obvious one – a handful of billionaires control all the major media outlets. Worse still, media barons are not just in cahoots with weapon manufacturers; they’re inextricably linked! Whatever happened to politicians watching our backs over glaring conflicts of interests? For instance, MSNBC is owned by General Electric, one of the biggest armaments companies in the world. So what chance is there for one of their reporters to ever say, ‘let’s give peace a chance.’ A fat one because the word diplomacy isn’t even in their dictionary. This is all down to the fact these people are beholding to a group of banksters whose ultimate goal is world domination.

I’ll say it again: If the media was able to report the truth, none of these atrocities could ever occur. The power-brokers know they will always ride shotgun. This allows them to make decisions that can kill millions, often in the most horrific circumstances. War is bad enough but there’s a certain ghastliness when the media then portrays the victims who’ve been mutilated, raped & tortured en mass as monsters who got what they deserved. It’s all too much to take. This is the media’s MO. Malcolm x brilliant quote always rings true – ‘the media will have you believing the victim is the aggressor & vice-versa.’ We see this with the Palestinians & as much as they’re going through hell on earth, what you’re about to see in this film is even worse.

WATCH ALL OF IT! I don’t often say that & it will be difficult, not just for obvious reasons but because it could, god forbid, be a pointer to what may be in store for us. I don’t often watch 90 minute videos. 20-30 is usually it. I found myself clicking pause not because I’d had enough. I just couldn’t take itI needed a break to settle my nerves. When you watch actual pictures it really does hurt. The anger comes when you realise you’ve been taken for an almighty ride. We were all told a pack of lies & don’t think I’m so clever. I had no idea Eisenhower was such a wicked man or the fact several million Germans died after the war, the vast majority in dreadful circumstances. Each time I reverted back to the film I kept shaking my head wondering how humans could be so cruelYou’ve got to watch this & then share it hopefully with my write up.


And to think most folk in the UK still regard Churchill as the greatest of all Brits. He’s one who should have been top of the list for execution at NurembergHere is another quote from this evil monster who was directly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians.


Archives prove these were indeed his words so from where I’m sitting it looks like Churchill was the one gagging for war. In fact, one of the few things I learned in school was Hitler did not want to fight England. He simply yearned to make Germany great again, especially after they were well & truly shafted by the Treaty of Versailles. Previous to that, German manufacturing, their organisation & efficiency propelled the nation into challenging the economic hegemony of the US & UK which incidentally was the main reason for WWI. After that war Germany endured 15 years of utter misery. Hitler then picked his country up off the floor so that in 1938 he was voted Time Magazine’s MAN OF THE YEAR! If he was so bad why give him such an accolade?

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The truth’s there if you want it. Understanding what occurred in WWI & the aftermath is crucial. For this, Benjamin Freedman’s historic speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC in 1961 is perfect. You can’t get anything betterThis brilliant Jewish entrepreneur who spent much of his life trying to expose the scourge of Zionismwas actually at Versailles when the Treaty was being thrashed out in 1919. He could see Germany was being sold down the river. The outrageous reparations was anything but a peace offering. All it did was nurture a climate that rendered WWII inevitable. All the Rothschilds had to do was wait for the right person to come along. Adolf Hitler.