Hidden History of the Jews

They say, “History is written by the Winners”

The truth of the matter is that history as what has been perceived through our education and through our day to day life, is not really what it seems.

From biblical times to current days, we have learned of the past by what authorities wanted us to know and believe. In ancient times, news went through verbal recollections of a herald who presented that in towns and villages. Later for the educated, through books, then by newspapers, then by television and now trough the internet. In this age (2019) the internet revolution has allowed us to enhance the process of exchanging information astronomically. This is good news for the ones who want to do research themselves. However it is not good news for the people who do not wants us to unravel facts which does not fit with what our controllers claim to be true!

Through the internet, now we find that there is a mass of information easy reachable and open for any person who wants to study history, with a critical mind. Well, the exchange and learning goes so well, the the controllers realize that they have to do something about it to quell the amount of learned people down. As a consequence they are trying to censure all the popular internet channels.

This is why it is now so crucial to spread truth around with all possible means.

It is a fact that on many aspect one has to revision history


The following web page offers an incredible amount of re-visionary information regarding the history of the Jews and their influence on everything what happens in our daily lives. http://www.chuckmaultsby.net/index.html