Hijacked skies over The Netherlands

Source: Willem Felderhof FB 27 may 2019

3 min time lapse by Jerry Kooyman of heavy aerosol assaulted and hijacked skies over The Netherlands on 22nd of May. So called persistent contrails caused by commercial and military air traffic blatantly turning a perfectly blue sky into an overcast chemical soup. State approved and robotized pseudo climate scientists and meteorologists whose job it is to deny the blatantly obvious climate engineering atrocities, consistently persist in calling this just cirrus clouds. The almost daily airplane produced chemical blanket is trapping not only the heat which serves the fraudulent global warming agendas; it also traps the high levels of smog in the cities due to the sabotage of natural convection. Besides serving the fraudulent sustainable CO2 tyranny it causes massive spikes in chronic respiratory infections and numerous other health issues. The official propagated notion that chemical aerosol injection as part of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) is still in a proposal and testing phase is not only absurd, it is a crime against humanity to support the ridiculous and self-evidently false official narrative. For over decades climate engineering has been fully deployed and steadily ramped up, to the point that there is no weather anymore that can be considered natural. The daily sky covering jet aircraft dispersions are exactly what we are told we would expect to see if geoengineering / solar radiation management programs were deployed. You really have to be a braindead zombie to call that a coincidence. Or the cognitive dissonant who is shit scared to be labelled a conspiracy freak and therefore chooses to ignore this blatant reality. Or both.