How the Super Rich use nano air-pollution to destroy all life on earth and how we can stop this The super rich elite is slowly destroying all life on earth by nanoparticle air-pollution. They use fossil fuels and the money-system to buy every (environmental) organization to reach that goal. The reason why they do it, is that this way they can stay in power and can continue their dirty business. We the people can not allow this to happen. If we reverse this we can stop chronic diseases, cancer and the wars. We need to understand that the multinationals have bought the politicians so they can poison all of us. Regulation of ultrafine and nano particles can stop de poisoning and will stop the oil and gas wars. We must all join together so we can kick the corrupt politicians out and change the laws so it protects us against this poisoning. Than the industry is forced to come up with solutions. All solutions already exist. The multinationals have been buying the patents to eliminate competition, so the solutions are not available for humanity. To raise awareness we must force our governments to implement ultrafine particle monitors into the air-quality monitoring systems worldwide. Educating everybody with what is going on, this will be the beginning of a new heaven and a new earth.