Incredible barbarian acts of Israel against Palestinians people!

The following string of videos show the incredible evil atrocities Israel has carried out on Palestinian people. The rightful owners have been robbed from their properties and slaughtered by the Israeli government per design!

The brutality of the Israeli government is so severe that one has to ask the question, what is the deeper cause for this inhumane act of violence?

It is all related to what is written in the Talmud. The scriptures which dates back to the Babylonian times. The scarifying of human beings goes back to the worshipping of their God Baal.

Killing all people, which do not belong to their club is normal to them. The people who do not belong to their club are called Goyims.

Israeli bombardments at the Gaza border, bombing on so called Terrorist! It is paradox complete! The Palestinians are deprived from any food, water, utilities and the Israel Army bombs them the living daylight out! It is so cowardly so utterly barbarian. the paradox is that the USA sends all the Tax money to do so!


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A young Palestinians have sued the Dutch company four winds k9 that provided the Israeli army with the dogs that attacked him. But this is not an isolated fact, but a regular practice of the Israeli occupation forces.

Such a barbaric situation in Palestine! Unbelievable! The whole world turns a blind eye!

An elderly Palestinian man confronted a group Israeli troops after they clashed with Palestinian youths in Hebron, before he collapsed on the street. Report by Lauren Hampshire.

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Unarmed peaceful Palestinians killed by Israeli forces!

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Israeli soldiers filmed beating unarmed Palestinian during west bank protest!

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ISM Palestine
Published on Aug 16, 2013, 16/08/2013,

A peaceful demonstration took place near the village of Beit Omar, on the outskirts of Hebron(Al Khalil). The demonstrators were calling for the dismantlement of the illegal settlements which the Israeli occupation continues to expand, annexing more and more land and harassing the local villagers and preventing the farmers from harvesting their crops. The demonstrators were fiercely assaulted by the Israeli army just as the demonstration was beginning. four people were arrested. Two internationals and two Palestinians.


Arrogant Settler puts up a show! Click below for link video
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When a group of American and Canadian Jewish activists, along with other Palestinians, worked to repair a road that communicates villages in the province of Hebron, Israeli forces attacked them and arrested violently.

From: Palestine Lobby
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Israel has murdered Palestinian toddler Saba Mahmoud Abu Arar when they targeted and bombed her family home in East Gaza. Source: @qudsnen#palestine #usa #california #lasvegas #dubai #ksa#bahrain #gcc #historyisonourside #freepalestine#jordan #london #uk

‘What’s the sin of my children?’: Infants killed in Gaza shelling
Netanyahu orders ‘massive attacks’ on Gaza Strip, causing the death of at least 24 Palestinians, including two infants.

by Maram Humaid
13 hours ago

Israel has carried out numerous retaliatory attacks against in the Gaza Strip since Saturday [Bashar Talib/Al Jazeera]

Gaza Strip – One-year-old Seba was killed along with her aunt in an Israeli air attack at their house in Gaza on Saturday.

With her wounded hand, Seba’s mother, 27-year-old Rasha Abu Arar, wiped her tears, ruing the incident that took place following the escalation of violation that has killed at least 24 Palestinians and four Israelis.

“Me, my cousins and their children were sitting in the house when suddenly a rocket fell on us,” a pregnant Rasha told Al Jazeera.

“I wrapped my arms around my daughter to protect her but the shrapnel injured my hand and penetrated her body,” she said as she continued sobbing.

“My three-year-old daughter, Rafeef, was also wounded and is currently in the ICU,” added the mother of six.

“What is the sin of my children? Did they throw rockets at Israel?”

Seba’s aunt, 37-year-old Falisteen, was pregnant with her 10th child and died of shrapnel wounds in her neck.

“My heart is bleeding over her orphaned kids. They are very young. How would they continue their life without their mother,” said Falisteen’s mother, Fatma.

The escalation in violence has claimed more lives, including those of two infants [Bashar Talib/Al Jazeera]

The escalation began after Israeli forces killed four Palestinians in two separate incidents on Friday.

According to Al Jazeera’s correspondent, the barrage of rockets fired from Gaza came after an Israeli drone attack in the north of the strip early on Saturday, which injured three people.

More than 200 rockets were fired by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad towards settlements and towns in southern Israel.

Israeli warplanes and gunboats then targeted the Gaza Strip.

Explosions in Gaza City, where busy streets were packed with shoppers making preparations for the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, shook buildings and sent people running for cover.

Israeli warplanes have bombed 200 sites, including military installations and facilities of Hamas, across the Gaza Strip since late on Saturday.

Two buildings in the heart of the city were totally destroyed, one of the buildings, al-Khuzendar, which was levelled down to ground.

“We were sitting in our shop that sells children’s clothes when, around 10pm, a big explosion rocked the neighbourhood. We rushed outside and saw everyone calling for the evacuation of the building,” said Mohammed al-Hadad.

“I wasn’t expecting our building to be targeted. It’s a business area near the Red Cross delegation in a decent location.”

Israeli airplanes have bombed 200 sites, including military installations and facilities of Hamas, across the Gaza Strip since late on Saturday [Bashar Talib/Al Jazeera]

Al-Hadad pulled out some goods from under the rubble, saying they were “stocking this in preparation for Ramadan and Eid”.

Daoud al-Khuzendar, 27, the son of the building owner, said it took just minutes for the building to collapse.

“The building was built 20 years ago. This was home, our business, and our sole source of income,” said al-Khuzendar.

“Give me one reason behind targeting our building. It was hosting a Turkish charity, cultural offices and residential apartments. Where are the terrorist targets they claim. Who will compensate us for all this?”

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered “massive strikes” on the Gaza Strip on Sunday, the leader of Hamas said his group was “not interested in a new war”.

In a statement late on Sunday, Ismail Haniya said the group was ready to “return to the state of calm” if Israel stops its attacks “and immediately starts implementing understandings about a dignified life”.

Israeli General: IOF soldiers deliberately kill Gazan Children
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