Memorial day! Remembering the fallen, but for what cause?

So during Memorial day People in the USA remember their lost sons and daughters who have been killed in all the USA wars! Most think it was a noble cause. However, the truth is, they all died for opportunistic reasons of a ruthless evil Cabal who do and did not gave a damn about their lives. Millions and millions have been killed by fighting other wars, which have never been in the interest of America. Only in the interest of Zionist bankers who treated all of the soldiers as useless trash! When will the masses wake up and understand? When will they understand that they fought against the wrong enemies? All of the wars started with State sponsored false flag operations. History is repeating, Venezuela, Iran and what more? If people understand who are the real enemies, then peace can be accomplished in one day!
I would love to see the day that the masses are waking up!