Rudy Dent

A truth activist

Retired from NYC Fire Dept forced to retire with injuries after a total of 32 years service.

Prior to FDNY Rudy was a Police Officer in NYC for four years.

Served two and a half years in Vietnam

City Rockland County NY

Job Retired Firefighter | Company New York City, Fire Department . High school Art & Design College John Jay College of Criminal Justice | Interests Mission to expose the 9/11 WTC false flag and the Holocaust Hoax

He is listed on the webpage Iamthefaceoftruth

So what is I Am The Face of Truth?  I see it as, AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME.

I first noticed the banners on FB and later contacted Claudio Marty about getting one, he was very helpful in getting me bannered and becoming part of the Face Of Truth.  I thought then as I do now that this is a wonderful idea to express unity toward our common goals and interest, a way to present as a movement.  More on that later first let me introduce myself.  My name is Rudy Dent aka/Rudy Vulcan, but on FB after my account was taken down I was not allowed to open a new account using my Real name so I had to choose another.  I am a Vietnam Veteran and served two and a half years in Vietnam.  I was a Police Officer in New York City for four years and then I transferred over to the FDNY as a Firefighter.  I love the time I spent in the FDNY and I was at both bombings of the Towers, 1993 and 9/11.  As a result of injuries after 9/11 I was forced to retire with a total of 32 years of service.

  I am very patriotic toward the original ideas and dreams of our founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  I saw Building #7 come down and knew that this was a False flag operation on that day!  After the first bombing which I saw the aftermath of, trust me when I tell you, that was a huge explosion!  The official word was if the bomb had been placed closer to a critical beam it could have brought that Tower down.  After that I read everything I could find concerning this and the political mindset of that time.  I also read the PNAC, (Project For A New American Century) which predicted the need for the Catalyzing Catastrophic event like a new Pearl Harbor, needed in order to kick off their plan for a New World Order.  9/11 filled that order!

We lost more people on 9/11 then we did in Pearl Harbor!  I talked with Claudio about the Face of Truth movement which I think is a great marketing Idea of unity and a symbolic show of a common effort toward our mutual goals.  Sharing and uniting like this all of a sudden gave us “Truthers” but what I would rather call “Critical Thinkers” a united front to express our concerns and outrage at our findings!  So what is I Am The Face of Truth?  I see it as, AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME, it is not about any of us so much as it is about all of us!  It is not about you or me, it is about WE THE PEOPLE!  It is about our countries and the acknowledgment that, “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE.” 

I love the people I have met and the diversity Face of Truth represents!  I have noticed that as in any movement especially when it is making progress toward unity for a common cause, there will always be detractors for many reasons, Trolls and Shills as we know are common and Agent Provocateurs will come in to do their work as well, this is common.  However as long as we maintain respect for each other’s views and opinions we can remain united and a force to reckon with!  Anything less, and we fall into the self-destructive traps that can destroy any movement.  So as long as our movement leads by example we maintain the high ground on issues discussed.  We have also come to lend our support to the wonderful efforts and victories achieved by Richard Gage and workers of Architects and Engineers!  I am proud to be a member of this group and even if this group ceased to exist I will still proudly wear my banner, but that is not going to happen because we have not yet begun to fight!  Our cause simply; Freedom and Justice for all!