Herald Of Free Speech

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A Noble Mission!

Most of the people in the western,  so called democratic societies, believe that they have a choice in influencing their leaders to do the best for them.  After an election the ones we choose and the ones who become the privileged, mostly forget how they came to their position and follow an agenda which is already paved out a long time ago.  These people become the puppets for a malevolent group of people, who are in the shadow. The puppet masters have infinite resources in controlling most people in our society! They print money out of thin air and lend it out to  countries who’s taxpayers pay off the ever growing interest on dept, which becomes bigger and bigger. We the ordinary people feel it every day. Money is devaluating fast and taxes are increasing with the same pace. With their power and their tools these puppet masters or a better word, the cabal, have organised a system that deprives us, the ordinary people, more and more from our rights to be free. They keep us in a matrix which is becoming more and more an Armageddon, a prison without escape! They control us in many ways, by controlling the media, poisoning the air, the food, the medicines, vaccination, by creating false events, which goes by the format, problem, reaction solution.
The Herald of Free Speech (HOFS) wants to bring data to the public which these cabal does not want us to know.  HOFS want to enable people to understand what is really going on in this society, and what really happened in the past. The truth will set us free and will enable us to make this world a better place before the cabal destroys everything.
This is our mission: to bring Freedom of Speech back into our culture as one of the fundamental pillars to make this world a better place for all.

By John Hofs