The Corona Virus Hoax and the Dark Agenda!

The whole world in Lock Down for a virus which turns out to be not so dangerous as the officials wants you to believe!

After the Wuhan incident, in November 2019 [1], in China,  where allegedly a “very dangerous” outbreak of the Corona Virus happened, a unprecedented chain of events followed.

Alleged outbreak in Italy Europe, in the rest of Europe, in the USA, everwhere! The massiveness of the media response, where fear was spread around 24 hours a day through the Mocking Bird media, triggered an alarm bell in me.

My first response was! This event is a massive State Sponsored False Flag (SSFFO) Operation to create FEAR and as always to hide a darker agenda. The last years I have been researching many global SSDFFO cases. There are so many that I could write a long list of books about it.

SSFFO (State Sponsored False Flag Operations)

The massiveness of this event soon made me realize that this event was very much similar to the 9/11 incident or even bigger!

People forget things very quickly, unless they are non stop bombarded with Mind controlled disinfo non stop through the TV and other Main Stream Media channels.

People forget that there were more “alleged” outbreaks of viruses in the past.

Global Pandemics and the hidden agenda to vaccinate.