by Jonathan Azaziah
By Guest Author Last updated Sep 19, 2018


by Jonathan Azaziah – Henry Kissinger doesn’t need any introduction. He’s a genocidal, psychopathic, sanguinary screwball who has taken baths in the innocent blood of many a nation, all while influencing global events from his perches at the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and Rothschild-founded CFR. He wrote National Security Study Memorandum 200 that demanded the American regime utilize its various organs of soft power–including CIA front USAID–to pursue depopulation in several Brown and Black states of the Global South. He spearheaded the secret
bombing of Laos. Commandeered the “decade of genocide” in Cambodia, from the air raids to the starvation and sanctions to the arming and backing of Pol Pot. Gave the green light to the Suharto coup regime to commit wanton murder in Eastern Timor. Supported–and some say even masterminded–the July 15th, 1974 Cypriot coup that would serve as the excuse for Turkey’s invasion, occupation and subsequent division of
Cyprus, where ‘Israelis’ now own some 15% of the north’s real estate.

Literally cheered on the Dirty War in Argentina which saw dictator Jorge Videla slaughtering anyone representative of an Anti-Imperialist current. Expanded the American alliance with Saudi Arabia and bailed the ‘Israeli’ enemy out with massive arms shipments to turn the tide of the Tishreen War. Above and beyond that, he protected the criminal ‘Israeli’ nuclear program, increased aid to the Zio-Tumor to $2.2 billion and advocated openly and bluntly for the Zionist war on Iraq. Vietnam, Mozambique,
Angola, Bangladesh and many more were also scarred by his violence. What stands out most of all though is his deep involvement in two 9/11s: Chile’s and America’s.

On September 11th, 1973, a travesty of humanity unfolded at La Moneda Palace in the Chilean capital of Santiago. A gang of putschists led by General Augusto Pinochet bombarded the presidential headquarters of democratically elected Salvador Allende and proceeded to take over the country. The coup was assisted by the CIA, the DIA and none other than Henry Kissinger, who had been meddling in Chile’s affairs from the very moment that Allende was chosen for office on September 4th, 1970 and was actively laying the foundation to topple him–starting with his coordination with CIA operatives to assassinate General René Schneider Chereau, the supreme commander of Chile’s armed forces that refused to block Allende’s ascendancy to the presidency.

The socialist Santiago native would prove to be a major thorn in the US ZOG’s side as he had nationalized Chile’s lucrative copper mining industry as well as its banking system and began providing free health care, free education and free housing to the Chilean poor. He went to war with Chile’s old colonialist elites and began taking back land confiscated from the Mapuche Indigenous people. Free school meals and an obligatory minimum wage were established.

He began constructing a subway throughout Santiago. Like Fidel Castro before him and Hugo Chavez after him, he also waged a fierce campaign against illiteracy and effectively stomped it out. Inflation was dropping while workers’ wages, better living conditions for the poor and lower-middle class and national profits were increasing. Chile was on the verge of
becoming a better place in every sense. But Kissinger wasn’t having any of it and moved Pinochet into action on that terrible September day.

The repression that followed was unconscionable. Allende would shoot himself with an AK- 47 to escape torture at the hands of the new coup regime. Tens of thousands of innocents would be brutalized, murdered and disappeared under Pinochet’s US-backed dictatorial rule, including national treasures and revolutionary artists like guitarist Victor Jara and
poet Pablo Neruda. 40,018 is the official casualty count, including 3,065
killed, but it could very well be higher. The Chilean despot would become the linchpin of the CIA’s Operation Condor, in which tyrants across South America were given carte blanche to do as they wished under the guise of “fighting communism”.

But it wasn’t about rightists vs. leftists in the slightest. It was about collaborationists vs. resistors. Weapons, training, advisors and cash from the CIA’s Black Budget were rolled out in wheelbarrows to crush Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Zionist sentiments. Guess who The Company’s point man was inside the White House? Kissinger, who, due to his close ties with
Pinochet, Videla and other monsters, was even said to be dictating to the spooks on Condor and not the other way around. He vigorously pursued a “strategy of destabilization, kidnap and assassination” like it was a personal vendetta, unbeknownst even to his own staff. Needless to say, Chile has never really recovered from this barbaric Kissinger-led

Jump 28 years into the future on that very same day, September 11th, 2001, an ‘Israeli’ false flag from shekels to stolen knafeh occurred,and we find Kissinger right in the heart of the bloodshed yet again. He was initially chosen to be the 9/11 Commission chief but because of his role in a plethora of US ZOG coverups, including the Chilean 9/11, outside pressure forced him to resign. He was replaced withZionist Jew Philip Zelikow, who proved to be rather Kissengerian in his whitewashing and burying of what
actually took place in New York City and DC on the day of.

Kissinger became pivotal elsewhere and moved the goal posts of the JNWO agenda on a different front through his position as the top consultant for UNOCAL, the oil giant that sought to build pipelines in Afghanistan under the watchful eye of Mossad agent and Kissinger friend Yosef A. Maiman’s Merhav Group, the architect of the TAPI project and many mineral extraction endeavors in and around the region.

Kissinger’s connection and cooperation with an ‘Israeli’ death squad katsa once again displays how much Zionism and Jewishness influence his politics, criticisms from his overzealous coreligionists aside. As the war criminal himself said, “How can I, as a Jew who [allegedly; not really] lost 13 relatives in the ‘Holocaust’ (read: Holocrock), do anything that would betray ‘Israel’?”

The nexus with Maiman is of supreme significance because the Afghani state had been bleeding for over two decades at this point largely because of… No, this isn’t a difficult guess… KISSINGER. And not through traditional channels either. While most analysts rightly speak of the preeminent role of the American regime in Operation Cyclone, along with Pakistan, ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia, Britain’s MI6 and even China, the regime that got the
ball rolling and served alongside Islamabad as the central conduit for US-‘Israeli’ support for the fake moujahideen who would morph into Al-Qaeda and later, the Taliban, was the Shah’s Iran.

It was Kissinger who turned the decadent and destructive sociopath known as Pahlavi the Puke into a regional powerhouse (read: regional lapdog for all of the Washington ZOG’s designs) by giving him unconditional approval and inking mega-sized arms deals worth tens of billions of dollars. Everything from warships to tanks, fighter jets to hovercraft, missiles
to helicopters to advanced weapons systems wound up in the Shah’s arsenal with Kissinger’s rubber stamp. Heinous Henry also dramatically upped the support to SAVAK, Pahlavi’s torturous, repressive intelligence apparatus set up by Mossad, CIA and MI6 two decades prior, and it is here everything comes full circle back to Afghanistan. Empowered by
Kissinger, the Shah tried to buy influence in Kabul to push back against Soviet influence.

When that failed, SAVAK worked side-by-side with the CIA and the ISI to stage multiple coup attempts and rebellions before shifting towards slipping Takfiri terrorists across the Iranian and Pakistani borders to engage in 4th Generation Warfare. Like Mossad founder Isser Harel laying the intelligence groundwork that would bring down the World Trade Center, Horrific Henry was using SAVAK like a carving knife to pioneer the foreign policy groundwork that would serve as the pretext post-Towers-collapse. A testament to his irreconcilable malevolence. When Imam Khomeini’s (R.A.) Islamic Revolution toppled Pahlavi in ’79–much to Kissinger’s “oy veying” dismay–this disastrous policy hurting Afghanis, Pakistanis and Iranians too finally died.

A last note should be made that it was Kissinger who worked day and night to get the Shah out of Iran as Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah (R.A.) and the Nation of Tears began to uproot the Zio-Dajjalic system built up so strategically brick by brick. Horrendous Henry also spoke proudly of his liking of the Imposed War launched by Saddam Hussein with full US-Zionist- Saudi assistance. Like a vampire suffering from blood withdrawals placed inside a heroinhouse, he just couldn’t help himself.

The domineering role of Henry the Hog in the ouster of Allende and the bolstering of Pinochet has been well-known for some time. His involvement in the most murderous terrorist attack on American soil though, particularly in light of the greater Jewish- Zionist criminal network that perpetrated this atrocity… Both past and present… Not so much. This ends now. Next time anyone one brings up Hideous Heinz’s involvement
in Chile’s 9/11, make sure to remind them that America’s 9/11 was a Zionist job and he was very much a part of it. And vice versa.

Kissinger the Killmonger counted the likes of Jewish supremacist goons Shimon Peres (L.A.) and Golda Meir (L.A.) among his pals. Soon, he will join them in Jahannam. And all that blood he’s spent the last 5 decades drinking–both metaphorically and not-sometaphorically– won’t save him from Divine Justice. Chileans, New Yorkers and all the Arabs and Muslims affected by what Heartless Henry and his tribalist cohorts did on 9/11/01 await that day with bated breath.

Until then, we will expose his genocide enthusiasm, Jewish supremacism, out-and-out anti- Global-South racism and sick love of war with precision and mercilessness. He infamously said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Considering all of the above however, the only animal here… And a rabid, rapacious one at
that… Is him. Clearly.