The Great Global Warming Swindle!

17 March 2019

For all the discussions about global warming, and the idiocy to tax CO2, understand that the whole Global warming hype is built on a massive lie! These brainless puppet politicians have no clue whatsoever! The Global warming hype has become a religion! It is impossible to use hard scientific data! These mocking bird politicians are spreading the massive lie of Al Gore (33 degree mason, who got 200 million dollars for spreading around this “inconvenient non truth”)

The Globalist lobby wants the people to believe this lie, so that they can perpetuate the huge geoengineering industry! This industry has become huge! It is all about money! Not for the people! They don’t care about the people at all. Just cattle ! useless cattle.

The goal of the Globalist is to control and enslave the people!

Some hard facts: Carbon dioxide level in the air = .0391 percent of the atmosphere. Even an idiot understands that this is very low and can not have any influence on global warming.

Temperature fluctuations are driving CO2 in- or decrease! It is proven that the sun fluctuations drive global cooling as well as global warming. NOTHING TO DO WITH CO2!!!!!

CO2 is by far no greenhouse gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There have been times that there was much more CO2 in the atmosphere and that vegetation was flourishing then big time! CO2 is good for life!!!!! Plant grow more if there is more CO2 in the atmosphere. In green houses they increase CO2 to let plants grow better!!!

If you take more that one our of your time to go through the entire video, which is attached in this message, you will see that the whole hype is nothing but a swindle, to find a narrative to tax enslave the people!

This is a fact! Nothing but a swindle to tell the non informed to pay tax.

There is nobody in the politics who has the balls to kill all these discussions about CO2 Tax!

CO2 tax is complete and utter nonsense! This discussion can be stopped easily if people just look at the facts!

It is sickening to see our puppet politicians to spread around this lie! Very sickening.

Send the following video around and educate everybody. Make copies of this video so that it will not be censured by the opportunistic incredible evil cabal