The Jewish Talmud

from Savannah Zelocchi

23 mins · 

most People i speak with have only the idea there are UNorthodox and OrthodoxJews. they have never done dueDiligence to learn the differences between the teachings of the Talmud which gives permission to rape little girls under 3y/o and to rape boys without a definite age. we must be AWARE of the zionists aka the talmudic Satanic worshippers of the father of deception…BEHIND the scenes of ALL this distress between christian and muslims and jews ?? THIS is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger and a LOT more pressing : who are behind the scenes of the distraction of islam and judaism and christianity’s difficulties ? …setting up the noahideLaws for themselves ? making themselves the RULERS over all mankind…pushing secular globalism with a few totalitarian rulers at the top ? this is WAAAAAAAAAAY bigger and deserves our awareness and sharing truth. the video below is discussing the jewish faith not to be confused completely with a chosen people’s particular claim to RULE over the rest of huEmanity. the talmudic worshippers do not recognize Christ as their messiah either and instead have their own secularMessiah already selected to be revealed perhaps even later this year 2019. bcuz Christ dumped over the corruptBankers money changing tables in the temple in his day…he was REJECTED by the rulers of his day…they didn’t like his truthTelling and exposure of their corrupt practices. i’m sharing this video not to make any claim against this man who is sharing, but in order to create a conversation and awareness of the different facets of what is coming…whether people claim atheism or are staunchly religious in some man Made tradition…matters not :