The WWII Conspiracy

We fought the wrong enemy!

In our history books, through the popular media outlets (i.e. National Geography, BBC, and the likes) we are guided in a narrative of why the war started and who was the bad guy!

Once you extrapolate the data obtained by intensive researching contemporary history, in particular truth history and researching all the aspects related to the WWI history and even before that, one can only conclude that the Official narrative of “What leaded us into WWII” and what really happened, is at the very least questionable.

Especially now, with a turbulent, chaotic and in the shadow well orchestrated “New World Order” grip of the ruling Cabal on the ordinary people, it is time to reveal aspects of the WWII which the main stream does not want the people to know.



Published on May 6, 2016

Amid charges that former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was anti-Semitic in what he said about Zionist organizations in the 1930’s, Lenni Brenner who wrote “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators” explains there was for years real collaboration between major Zionist organizations and the Nazi government. The powerful Jewish led anti-Nazi boycott was effectively sabotaged by the Zionists. Interviewed by Stanley Heller May 5, 2016

Published on Sep 27, 2009SUBSCRIBED 499**the full interview Aug. 2009 *** Historian Lenni Brenner talk about the incredible betrayal of Jews by leading Zionist organizations in the 1930’s. They were collaborating with Mussolini and Hitler, helping Zionist projects while at the same time sabotaging the life and death struggle against the fascists.

Eisenhower Death camps